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Industrial Equipment Supply: 10 Most Popular Products

Industrial facilities are complex environments. There are a lot of moving people and a lot of moving parts.

Staying organized is critical to main efficiency workflow and remain profitable. And getting the job done day in and day out is largely dependent on the equipment and supplies you have inside your facility.

If you are opening a new industrial facility for your business, or you are upgrading your current to improve efficiency, then there is an industrial equipment supply list that you need to be familiar with if you are hoping for a successful workplace.

Keep reading to discover what the most commonly purchased industrial equipment is, and how to find an industrial equipment company to work with for high-quality products and responsive service.

1. Forklift

Every facility will require the use of a forklift. These make it simple to transport any sized load across your facility grounds with ease.

You’ll want to consider the height of your tallest racking systems and ensure you choose a forklift capable of lifting pallets to this level. You’ll also want to choose a model that can carry the weight of your heaviest materials.

2. Racking System

Along with a forklift, you should invest in a quality racking system. These aren’t cheap, and they require professional installation. But the storage space that these create for products and materials is second to none.

For most facilities, the only way to create additional real estate is by going upwards. Getting your supplies off the ground and stacking three of four levels high can multiply the space in your facility, making the property more economical overall.

3. Diesel Air Compressor

It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, you’re going to need an air compressor. These come in handy when you have to travel to various job sites and power tools without an electricity supply.

But they also come in handy on your permanent facility. There may be times when you need to use certain pneumatic tools away from major power sources. You can find a portable air compressor that’s easy to transport or a large stationary one.

And some of the most effective compressors are diesel-powered ones. A diesel air compressor will be much more powerful, pumping more air than those operated by normal petrol. Plus, diesel is normally cheaper, helping to save money.

If you need an air compressor that can power heavy-duty equipment, opt for a diesel-powered one.

These are also easy to find used. So if you are looking for the most economical option, check with your industrial equipment supplier for used units, or search local listings. This is especially important for diesel units since they generally cost more than petrol compressors.

4. Generator

Along with air compressors, you’re going to need generators. There will be times when you’ll need to power electrical equipment, and a diesel generator will come in handy just as much as a diesel air compressor.

These can also act as backup power sources for your most important electrical systems, such as security and surveillance systems, in the event of poor weather.

5. Sterilization Fogging Machine

Facilities need to be kept cleaner than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. Luckily, industrial-grade fogging machines make this process easy.

Rather than manually having to wipe down every surface in your facility, offices, and break rooms, your cleaning crew can utilize large fogging machines to sterilize large areas fast.

6. Pressure Washer

Industrial equipment can get dirty fast. And it’s usually tough oil, grease, and grime. You’ll need an industrial-strength power washer to be able to clean your equipment regularly.

7. Scissor Lift

While a forklift will be able to lift your supplies and materials to new heights, a scissor lift will get your team airborne. There will be many times when employees will need to elevate themselves in your facility.

This is especially true when you have catwalks and tall machinery that will need maintenance or repairs. Along with the lift themselves, be sure to purchase an abundance of fall arrest systems (FAS) to prevent accidents. You can also consider industrial equipment rental for items like this that you won’t need to use that often.

8. CNC Machines

CNC machines are vital when needing to create precise components and parts across many different industries. These are programmed by computers and use lasers, grinders, lathes, and offer forms of cutting and shaping to produce components of all kinds.

9. Mixers

Tons of manufacturing facilities will need to mix various ingredients and materials together. You might need food-grade mixers or will simply need to mix raw materials to produce other products.

Industrial-grade mixers come in many different shapes and styles, from ribbon mixers to double arm mixers, to drum tumbles and many other variations, depending on the application.

10. Bins

Regardless of what you produce in your facility, you’re going to need tons of bins. Bins on wheels make it easy to transport around your building, carrying trash, recycle waste or materials.

Having multiple types of bins in various sizes will help. It’s always better to have too many than not enough.

Finding Reliable Industrial Equipment Supply

Not all industrial equipment suppliers are created equally. While some may offer lower prices, they won’t offer any ongoing support or service.

Because this equipment is expensive and complex, it pays to choose a supplier that offers ongoing support. If you ever have issues with the equipment, you want to know that they will be available to help troubleshoot.

It also helps if they offer industrial equipment repair so that you are never left hanging if something flat-out breaks.

Paying a little extra to source equipment from a reliable supplier can ultimately pay off in the long run.

Equip Your Facility Today

Every day that your company operates with low-quality equipment is another day where you are losing money. Without the right equipment, your team will take much longer to complete tasks, and production will be much slower.

If you want to improve your bottom line, that means upgrading your industrial equipment supply so work gets done faster in a safe manner.

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