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How to increase sales in wholesale fabric business?

Being in business, nothing is easy – even in the wholesale fabric business. However, many different people venture into different ways to ensure that the business will blossom. Here are some tips to help you in increasing your sales for your wholesale fabric business.

Think Big

Keeping your existing customers in check should not limit you from venturing for more qualified leads. Thinking big is where you multitask in retaining your present customers and attracting new ones. Here are strategies to improve some aspects of your fabric business:


Generating more qualified leads that can be turned into customers can improve your marketing strategy, which will eventually help you increase the sales of your high quality fabrics.

You can do this by doing email outreach, direct mail campaigns, getting listed in industry directories, sending product samples to qualified leads, and promoting referral programs to customers that already exist.

One of the pieces of evidence that you are successful in attracting your target audience’s attention is when you receive repeat orders from your existing customers or your target customers. This allows building up of loyalty and consistency to your fabric business.

Wholesale Deals

One of the advantages of wholesale fabric business is that it allows more savings for the cost and time handling. Offering wholesale deals will surely increase wholesale sales. These deals will motivate the target consumers or existing customers to purchase the high quality fabrics you have in your business. A way to do this is when you give out discounts to them. Buyers in wholesale fabric business merchandise order with distinct and big discounts provided by the wholesale fabric supplier.

Customer Service

Providing excellent service is another investment for the wholesale fabric business owner. Studies show that it cost more to ensure that this is provided in any business. Improving your customer service will greatly impact how you handle your target customers and the existing customers which will affect your fabric business. Nurturing your customers should be as important as how you handle your high quality fabrics to avoid further challenges in the future.

Order Management

Automating effectively on your fabric business should ensure that the purchasing and distribution processes of your business will be seamless. Thinking carefully on how you want to improve on how you manage your orders will reduce manual labor, allows you to provide better high quality fabrics, and enhanced customer service especially in terms of ordering, shipping, and delivery of high quality fabrics.


The aesthetics of your wholesale fabric business campaigns with your high quality fabrics should not compromise the content of your campaigns. It is important to attract the target audience visually in your campaigns. Using color, contrast, and other professional elements of design will make your digital marketing campaign more engaging.

Offer limited-time deals

Providing limited-time deals on your high quality fabrics will surely attract their attention to purchase now. Retailers will be motivated and eager to their decisions rather than being hesitant about it if you offer them deals in a span of a certain time.

Sales talk

Knowing and instilling the many different high quality fabrics of your wholesale fabric business will help you or your employees to recommend and refer the customers to the specifications of their desire. This will also help you in introducing to your new customers the different types of high quality fabrics available in your wholesale fabric business.

Whole Sale

Having your own wholesale fabric business and supplying them to your customers such as retailers, is challenging. However, it is not the only aspect of the business that you will have to face. Increasing your sales can become a struggle in the long run for your business. Therefore, it is important to strategize your business better to improve the sales of your high quality fabrics. It may not be as difficult as you expected it to be, however, it will surely cost more of your time, effort, and money.

No one will be successful on a smooth road. You will surely have a rough road will bumps and some bruises. But it is important to know how to prevent or avoid such things to happen and come your way. Expecting the challenges and preparing beforehand will ensure that you will not fall flat – and even if you will fall, it won’t be as hard.

Zaraki Kenpachi