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Understanding Cat Care

A new cat or kitten owner may have a lot of doubt about caring for their new friends. Cats are fun, curious, smart and independent to an extent. These qualities make them great pets. They are relatively easy to care for and do not require much maintenance. But some areas require the owner to be attentive. This includes knowing the best products for the cat. Brands like Advocate for cats have great flea removal products, and others like Royal Canin have good food products.

Other areas require care other than knowing what to buy for the cat. Cats may be significantly affected if these basic needs are not looked after. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when caring for cats.


Food has a huge impact on all pets. This is the source of nutrition, and it directly affects the overall health of cats. Feeding them properly by including nutritious food is essential to their growth and well-being.

Never change the food in a single day. The new food being introduced should be given in small amounts over some time. This will help the cat adjust to the changes better and help avoid an upset stomach. The label on the food should be read to make sure the food is suitable for your cat. In the case of health issues, a vet should be consulted to determine the diet.

While wet food is considered the best for cats, they are hard to store and quickly spoil. This is why a lot of people prefer giving dry food, which can be left out for long durations. Some people also feed their cats a mixture of wet and dry food. The amount of food given should depend on the activity and requirement of the cat.

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Disease Prevention and Brushing

Even though cats may seem very independent, they require a lot of care, especially when taking care of diseases. Products like Advocate for cats can be used to counter flea infestations and other issues like heartworms. Regular checkups with a licensed veterinarian are also recommended to avoid many diseases. Regular grooming and overall cleanliness can also benefit the owner as it removes many naturally present germs from the cat’s body.

Brushing is enjoyed by cats and doesn’t take much time or effort. It also helps the cat relax and keeps the skin healthy. Short and medium-haired cat breeds should be brushed once a week. Longer haired breeds should be brushed at least 2-3 times a week. Regular brushes should work fine with most cats. Brushes with metal bristles can be used for cats that shed a lot of furs.

Cat Accessories

Cat accessories include everything from food and water bowls to carry cases. Stainless steel is ideal for food and water bowls. The water should be kept at an accessible location and should be refilled regularly.

A litter kit is also essential for cats. There should be one litter box per cat. An open design is recommended as closed ones can make some cats claustrophobic. Litter can be of any type depending on the budget. A scoop and bucket are also needed to clean the litter box. The box should be cleaned regularly to encourage the cat to keep using it.

A scratching post or similar playthings can also be great investments. The scratcher can help maintain other furniture, especially couches. A spot for the cat to sleep is also vital. Cats may prefer sunny and open spots or dark and private areas. A bed can be placed according to the cat’s preference.

Cats can survive if their basic needs are taken care of. The owner’s attention and love is a must to keep cats happy and content. There is no substitute for spending time with your cat.

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