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How to choose the packaging boxes for your online store

During these past months in which businesses have had to close their doors, most businessmen and entrepreneurs have been aware of the need to have an online store in which they can continue to sell and therefore enter. To manage an Ecommerce, a person requires certain knowledge of digital marketing and the management of social networks, although there is always the option of assigning a budget and hiring an external company that takes these aspects. In most cases it is the most advisable.

 Imagine that it is like hiring a person to attend the physical store. Your online marketing will become your best seller. But in addition, having an online store implies making other basic decisions, such as with which courier company we are going to make the shipments or buy appropriate packaging boxes for our products. This is very important, since the size of the same will determine in many cases the price of the shipments and their resistance, and the conditions in which the product reaches the customer.

Many online stores to compete in the market choose to set free shipping costs, or give away shipping from a certain purchase amount. Choosing the right size and quality of packaging boxes is a thoughtful process, but the time you spend on it will save you a lot of headaches.

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Things you should take into account when choosing packaging:

  • Size

As we have said before, it is something that you must take into account. The size of the box does matter, depending on the size of the products you have to send. You may have to buy boxes with different sizes that fit one of your products. There are various wholesale custom shipping boxes that meet all your needs.

  • Resistance of the boxes

It is not the same to have to send a dress, shoes, or a decorative vase. If the objects you sell are fragile or delicate, you will have to opt for reinforced boxes that are more prepared to protect the product in case of receiving a blow.

  • Specific packaging

The packaging market has evolved to the same extent that online commerce has. For this reason, if you sell wines, for example, you will find specific boxes for this that, in addition to adjusting to the bottle, will contribute to improving the customer’s shopping experience. The same happens if you sell tableware, there are specific boxes prepared for it.

  • Padded envelopes

Padded envelopes are in many cases a perfect option if the objects are not very bulky. You can have them for the smallest objects, or if you send clothes or accessories.

  • Bubble wrap

It is always better to use bubble wrap than newspaper to fill in the free space in the box. First, because during transport the object will be more protected, and second, because it will give a better image to the person who receives it.

Having said all this, now you only need to review the catalog of BlueRose Packaging and choose the packaging that best suits each of the products that you will have to send.

Zaraki Kenpachi