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How Men Can Remove Hair Using Waxing Techniques

Mens body wax is the process of men pubic shaving. When the craze for female bikini waxing or female body hair trimming or removal reached the peak in the late 1990s, the male wax industry quickly became popular as well. The number of male practitioners in recent history and during the early years of the current millennium is unclear, but when the male wax industry began to boom, so did the need for male body waxing products.

There are several products on the market designed for men body waxing; mens body shavers, wax pens, wax applicators, and eyebrow tweezers. A man’s body wax is generally a paste wax that is applied with the help of a barber or technician to the facial area and then peeled off after 30 minutes of being applied. This paste wax, which often contains potassium nitrate and sodium laureth sulphate, hardens after a few hours of being applied, and then is ready to be used. Some products have an option of containing an aloe additive for pain relief and itch relief during application.

The first product designed for men body waxing was created by an enterprising individual, who invented the men’s facial wax. This product comprised a paste wax that was applied with a brush to the facial skin. It was removed with a cloth soaked in warm water and then the hair removed with tweezer blades. This product allowed men to remove hair from all over their face with ease.

Men’s wax can be used to remove facial hair on the neck, chest, back, upper lip, chin, and eyebrows. These areas are commonly called the “sensitive zones” by most people. There are now “luxury” versions of the mens facial wax, which are created using a special formula containing vitamins and minerals for rejuvenation of the skin. These luxury products can last longer than traditional waxing kits, as they often contain more ingredients. They also create the illusion of having thicker eyelashes, by pulling up the lower lashes to allow them to appear fuller and darker.

Today, there are a number of different styles of men’s body waxing services available. Most companies offer straight, wavy, silky or curly hair, and use a range of heat strengths and wax varieties. The average customer will find several types of waxes in a typical package. Waxing companies offer a variety of options for the customer, including single-use shaving cream applicators and removers, which are used once, and need to be re-applied every month.

Professional waxing services are usually performed by specially trained technicians. Using the latest equipment, these technicians melt the waxes in a heated environment and pour them into moulds – each of which takes around an hour to complete. Once the wax has been melted and formed into the required shape, it is placed inside the moulds and left to cool, whilst being watered with warm tap water.

Single-use applicators and removers are typically available for the more sensitive areas of the body. These include the genitals and are used to remove hair that may be thick and intertwined, rather than completely smooth. For the bikini area, it is typical to find waxing products which use an antibacterial treatment to remove bacteria that may grow in the hair follicles. This prevents future infection and keeps the skin free from irritations and other possible complications.

Mens waxing kits have evolved from the traditional men’s body wax kit, which is still typically made from hot wax and cloth. These kits have steadily improved over time, and there are many new types of waxing kits available on the market. One popular option is the “bikini wax”, which is essentially a smaller version of the full body wax. The best waxes can produce some of the most realistic results and using a specialist can ensure that the finished product is smooth and hair free. It is also possible to get lighter waxes that are generally more affordable than the heavier grade waxes.

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