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Guaranteeing Superior Quality Products Through Automation Testing

Automation testing is becoming a crucial part of the software testing and engineering process and has become a staple in the options for QA testing software.

Likewise, testing has always been an integral part of the Software Development Lifecycle. It’s facing expeditious technology advancement every other day. New age QA testing tools like Kualitee have made it much easier for businesses to integrate automation testing with efficient outcomes.

Why choose Automation Testing?

Automation testing utilises automation tools for conducting test cases which dramatically mitigates human errors. On the opposite hand, manual testing becomes time-consuming and error-prone significantly reducing ROI within the process. Since automation testing can often be done without any human intervention, it substantially increases the speed of test execution with accuracy.

There are numerous advantages of adopting automation testing. It ensures the successful delivery of superior quality products with enhanced test automation effectiveness and maximum ROI.

Automation testing reduces the development cycles while improving software quality even when speed and agility are of the highest priority. This results in saving time and money.

If superiority of the output is your priority, you want to implement automation testing. The standard of the software drives improved customer experience within a market-driven by competitive brands.

Here are 7 best ways to deliver the very best quality application using automation testing companies that will help your business grow:

1) Hiring a dedicated resource to manage automation testing

  • Hire an automation engineer because manual testers cannot do both jobs at the same time.
  • Test automation may be a full-time job; it almost always needs a dedicated resource.
  • The number of automation engineers depends on the dimensions and scale of your products.

2) The hired resource should have complete knowledge of the tool

  • Selecting the proper automation tool is simply the start of the process.
  • Having an automation tool will assist you in automating everything; these tools require a high skill set to finish the process in an effective manner. 

3) Have knowledge of the software being tested

  • The selection of the best QA testing software depends on the technologies utilized in the software, so you ought to have the proper technology consultants guiding you.
  • For web applications, check which browser it supports, and therefore the technology utilized in it.
  • For desktop applications, check the technology it’s built-in. 

4) Find opportunities in automation

  • Try to identify opportunities with automation and don’t just test the manual test cases.
  • For instance, if you’re testing the login page, expand the test suit by making it data-driven.
  • List all possible scenarios for testing like invalid username & password, blank username, invalid e-mail, etc.
  • By automating the test cases the goal should be to execute all of the aforementioned scenarios concurrently.

5) Evade GUI Automation

GUI automation is perhaps the most difficult sort of automation testing. As an example, there are two ways to put in an application. The primary way is to open the installation wizard and click on the subsequent button multiple times which is time-consuming.

The opposite way is to organize batch files with silent arguments, this may silently install the software without showing GUI. This method is more reliable and time-efficient.

Automation testing can assist you to deliver superior quality products time and again. It’s one of the simplest ways of fulfilling the testing goals within your stipulated deadline ensuring all the client’s needs are considered.

Selecting a correct automated QA testing tool may be a challenge, it depends on the wants of your enterprise. Additionally, it may also require correct training to run automation tools.

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