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Different Services of the Gmail

There are some important kinds of email services but if we talk about an email service that has large numbers of active users then it is Gmail. You can estimate the importance of a Gmail account that all social media users have Gmail accounts even they have any business or not. It is the best free email service that is mostly used for boosting any kind of online business.

So, it is important to buy Gmail accounts in bulk if you have any social marketing business or you want to remain in touch with other social media users. The reason for Buy Gmail accounts in bulks is that you will use these accounts for multiple purposes and get maximum revenue.

Gmail is a famous email service due to the features that had been added by Google to it. This service gives the best social media base through that most people attention toward this email service. Another reason for the publicity of this platform is easy accessibility to all devices even it is mobiles or desktop.


The services of Gmail are fully wide, and you can use large numbers of services via Gmail. Gmail has introduced a feed aggregator that remain update users from blogs, social book marketing services, social networking websites as well as social media. This tool was created by some famous and able Google developers Jim Norris, Paul Buchheit, Sanjeev Singh, and Bret Taylor. Through this service, it was possible to make new customized feeds for share anything and you can create groups for discussion as well as posting new comments. This service has led to Facebook service Tornado. Due to some reasons, this service was closed in 2015. No, one was aware of this action because this service blog was announced in March 2015. Like Gmail, this service was launched in multiple languages. And the main languages were English, French, Russian, Turkish as well as Spanish.

Purpose of FriendFeed

The main goal of FriendFeed is to provide trusted and most reliable data from the website. For this purpose, you can use different and best tools through FriendFeed to get better and secure data. The more interesting fact about this service is that it is useful for all users even it is personal, professional as well as departments. According to the co-creators of FriendFeed, this service is best tooled through that it is easy to track any member on some specific social media platforms. You can easily post any posting on different social media platforms blogs, Twitter, and Flickers. But some bloggers think on the opposite side that most reader comments on FriendFeed but they ignore the importance of their posted blogs.

The headquarter of FriendFeed was in California Mountain View and according to an estimation; it has about one million visitors on monthly basis. There was much load on FriendFeed, the creators have created a simple update protocol through that the load on it was decreased.

Facebook has decided to buy FriendFeed  in 2009. So, the agreement was to buy this service in 15 million $ and 32.5 million $ from the stock of Facebook. After getting this service, Facebook has used this service along with some small numbers of workers until April 9, 2015. Because after it, this service was closed.

Gmail dark mode

If you know about the criticism about Gmail, then you will come to know that Gmail has no colorful themes. But there was an amazing feature of Gmail that makes it the best-looking screen. This feature was known as Gmail dark mode. Through this model, it was easy to use Gmail at any time. When you use Gmail dark mode then it will be easy for you to adjust the screen light as you want.

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But you will be disappointed to hear the news that Gmail has ended the feature of dark mode. Google has taken this action in an emergency and now, no one can get the benefit from the dark mode of Gmail. All users were surprised that why Gmail has taken this action while it was useful for all users. However, there will be no strong reason that Google must take this action. But we all expected that Gmail will introduce such types of features as soon as possible.

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