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How do I benefit from a COVID-19 vaccination?


It is normal to feel a form of anxiety about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, or in fact, any new vaccine at all. Some of the worries that may be running through your mind include:


  • Has the vaccine being created with appropriate attention to normal drug testing and safety precautions?
  • What are the associated side effects?

And perhaps most importantly,

  • What do I benefit from getting theCovid vaccine?


To properly address these questions, it’s important to think first of the facts we have about the Coronavirus. We know that COVID-19is potentially life-threatening, and that vaccination has been identified as a top means to improve immunity and safeguard against the more serious symptoms, and even death, arising from the Coronavirus infection.

So, yes, while COVID-19 vaccines are being developed even more quickly than normal vaccine production procedures, safety precautions and processes remain in place to ensure that approved vaccines are safe. Like other vaccinations, minimal side effects like pain at the injection site, headache, and slight fever should be expected.


The benefits of vaccination

  • Protection from COVID-19:

The obvious benefit of the Coronavirus vaccine is that it protects you from getting covid-19. The vaccine works by preparing your body’s immune system to produce antibodies that can fight the virus if you ever come in contact with it.


  • A highly effective way of potentially stopping the pandemic:

Vaccination-induced immunity far outweighs natural immunity, which is gotten from previous infection with the virus. This is because, while current evidence indicates that re-infection with the Coronavirus after 90 days of initial infection is unlikely, experts cannot say for sure how long this protection may last. Authorized vaccines have been approved as a more effective form of

The benefits of vaccination are enormous, but the sad reality in most countries is that there is a long wait for vaccination. Due to varying roll-out times and a shortage in supply, priority groups (such as health workers and elderly people) are the first targeted to receive the vaccine.

This means that most individuals, very likely including you, may have to wait for a considerably long time to get vaccinated. Why not jump the queue? Opt for vaccination-for-pay to get a private corona vaccination.

Though a lot of countries do not provide for-sale vaccines, they do exist and it’s advisable to go this route if financially able. In this way, you do not deprive anyone of access to vaccination, while still protecting yourself. PrioVac provides access to travel for a vaccination, where you can skip the line and get the Corona vaccine for tourists. Choose to be protected, and potentially protect others too!

Zaraki Kenpachi