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Can I Change My Fiverr Profile Username?

Do you want to know how to change your Fiverr username? You have probably surfed the whole net before this page.

 Simply, you can not change your Fiverr account username. Many ways have been tried, Fiverr admins have been contacted. It’s just not possible.

 However, don’t lose hope yet. If you need to change your username badly, you need to open a new account.

 A new account is the only option for you to put a unique user name. However, if you want to use your old email on your new account, you need to change it on the old account.

 Fiverr does not allow two different accounts to use the same email. So you either delete the first account or change the email.

Then, you can put the email in your new account. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. In simple terms, remove the old account’s email and put it into the new one.


How to change your email address

Emails are essential to the business. Therefore your email is like a brand, with loyal customers ready to purchase your goods or services.

 It’s a bit hard to build an email list from scratch, so you might want to transfer your old email to your new account.

 However, you have to change it on the old account first because you can’t use one email for two accounts

 It’s easy to follow the steps below;

 1.Click on your profile settings for Fiverr. You will find options to change your email there.

 2. Input your new email, and save it.

 3. You will receive an email from Fiverr requesting you to confirm the email change. You will be required to click a link on the email to confirm your change.

 4. Once the email change has been validated, you will receive another email on your new email account to finalize the change.


How to add email to your new Fiverr account.

 Now that the email you want to use ( from your old account) is free. You can use it on your newly created account.

 The good news is no unique process is required to add email to your new account.

 When creating a new account on Fiverr, you will be required to fill in an email address like anywhere else. Just fill in the email you want to use, and it’s done.


Should I use my real name on Fiverr

Most people prefer using an alias or something on their Fiverr accounts.

 However, it would be best if you used your real name for it. Why? Because it increases your credibility. It shows you are serious and a professional with your job.

 More so, you should make sure your name tallies with your social media accounts: your Facebook, Instagram, e.t.c, profile names.

 If it doesn’t correlate with each other, people might not trust you. You might come out like a scam.

 Fiverr is full of competition. Therefore you have to look for the best ways to stand out and not lose credibility.


1. Name relating to your niche

If all the good usernames relating to your name have been taken, you should find another name about your niche.

 Find something that describes your business, and make a brand name for your account. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can use a freelance writer as your username.

 This can let people looking for your services realize you provide them from your username.


2. Use business name generators.

The world has advanced, and we rarely have to do anything by ourselves. If you can’t think up a username or all the ones you want have been taken, a business generator is your next option.

 There are many effective business name generators that you can use. There are shopping business name generators and others.

 They will suggest a brand name for you free of charge. It’s cool.


How can I change my Fiverr account password?

Do you feel your account is threatened on Fiverr?  Or, for any other reason, you want to change your Fiverr account password.

I have outlined six steps here you can follow to change your password.


The six steps are;

  • Open Fiverr app or on website

I can almost feel your eye roll. That’s obvious, right. If you don’t have the Fiverr app, you can go to website on any browser to open it.

  • Log in to your account.

From the Fiverr homepage, you will see sign-in at the right corner of the homepage. Click on the sign-in, and enter your account details on the subsequent page.

  • Go to settings

Once you have successfully logged in on your Fiverr account, go to settings.

 To get to settings, click your name that is at the top right corner of your page. It will show a drop-down menu with settings on it. Click on the settings.

  • Change password.

On getting to settings, you will see a link at the top right corner that states ‘ change password’ click on that. The change password will redirect you to where you need to change your password.

  • Input your new password

Whew! We are finally here. So, what you need to do now is to click the new password box. Please enter your new password twice, then confirm and save it.

P.s make sure you add an upper case, lower case, numbers, hyphens in your password to make it strong. Don’t use something easy to guess to prevent your account from being hacked.

  •  Save your new password.

The final step in your ‘change password journey’ is here. Since you have put the new password of your choice, you need to save it to ensure it stays. Therefore, to protect the password click on, the green ‘ save changes’ button from validating your password change.

 You should note the save password part because if you don’t it will not be recognized by the system. Once you save it, you can now log in to your new account from any browser, phone, or laptop with your new password. It is easy. I know.


How do I create multiple accounts?

Technically you are not allowed to have more than one account, with one email and an IP address.

 However, with a little bit of creativity, you can have two or more. How can you do this?

 It’s simple, get a new phone or laptop if you can afford it. After investigating this matter, it’s the only way you can have multiple Fiverr accounts.

 A new phone/laptop will have a different IP address. You can also create a new email for each and download the Fiverr app and create a new account.

 However, there are so many tech gurus out there, and if you can find a way to have more than one IP address on one phone, you can have multiple Fiverr accounts right there on one phone.


How can I recover my Fiverr restricted account

Was your Fiverr account suspended, restricted? A huge red alert for Fiverr users. Especially if your account brings in sizable customers and income.

 You need first to understand why your account was restricted. What rule have you broken so that it will be easier to solve your problem?

 There are three significant types of ban on fiver

  • Account restricted
  • Account limitations
  • account suspended

 If your account was restricted, it means you can’t access some features you were able to access before. So you have to figure out what features are and list them out.

 Perhaps you can’t message customers again, you can’t create a new gig, or you can’t receive or make orders. It could be any of these things that were restricted.

 You can recover your restricted account by;

Contact customer service.

This is the first thing you should do. Contact them, and get a feel of the situation. Tell them the terms you violated, preferably ignorantly with the sincere promise not to repeat the offence.

 However, this customer service gets thousands of complaints in their box every day. Therefore you have to be patient and wait for 16 days. If there is no reply within 16 days, you can go ahead and write another email to them.

 P.s if you repeat an offence too many times on Fiverr, your account may be banned. If an account is restricted, you can’t recover it again, so you have to be careful.

 But no worries, this doesn’t relate to restricted accounts. You can get your account working again after talking with customer service.



Fiverr has enormous competition that you can’t allow a little thing like a username to let you fail. So I have talked about changing your username, changing your email address, what username should you use for your account, changing your Fiverr password, creating multiple accounts, and free restricted accounts.

 Thanks for staying throughout the whole journey. I hope you have learned something valuable.

Zaraki Kenpachi