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Best Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Canada

For overseas students from all over the world, Canada is one of the most popular higher education hubs. International students choose to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in Canada because it is more affordable than other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Canadian universities provide high-quality education, and their degrees are internationally known for their academic excellence.

For foreign students, the cost of living and studying in Canada is significantly lower than in other nations. However, depending on the region, course name and length of the programme, tuition fees and other costs at some of Canada’s leading colleges can be marginally greater. Scholarships, fellowships, honours, and grants may be required for some foreign students. Full-time international students may apply for scholarships at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

The Canadian government, non-governmental organisations, and the corresponding Canadian university where the student is enrolled all offer adequately funded scholarships. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, international students are eligible for University specific scholarships. Some of the most common fully funded scholarships for international students in Canada are mentioned, along with information on the number of scholarships available, the value of the scholarship and how you can avail them.

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Scholarships offered by the Government of Canada

In comparison to other nations, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, Canadian higher education is less expensive. Certain students, on the other hand, may need financial aid in order to pursue various undergraduate and graduate programmes in Canada. International students from all over the world may apply for fully funded scholarships from the Canadian government. The following are some of the fully awarded master’s and PhD scholarships available in Canada:

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

 Students interested in health research, natural sciences and engineering, and social sciences and humanities will apply for these fully funded PhD scholarships in Canada. 70,000 CAD per year is given for a period of two years. This is a one-time only fellowship. Every year, approximately 70 fellowships are awarded to both domestic and foreign students.

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships programme funds the best postdoctoral candidates from across the country and around the world who will make a positive contribution to the country’s economic, social, and research-based development. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program’s goal is to attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent from around the country and around the world, to grow their leadership potential, and to place them for leadership as tomorrow’s research champions.

 Scholarship for the Master’s Program: Canadian people attending a master’s degree or PhD programme at a university in Canada are eligible for this fully-funded master’s scholarship. It is a one-year, non-renewable scholarship worth $17,500. Every year, about 3000 scholarships are given out across all backgrounds. 

  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This award honours foreign undergraduate students who excel in academics, management, student life, and community service, as well as recognised achievement in fields such as the performing arts, athletics, debating, or fine arts, or in external academic competitions and examinations. Winners of the International Leader of Tomorrow Award receive a monetary award that is proportional to their financial need, as measured by the costs of their tuition, fees, and living expenses, minus the financial contribution the student and their family will make annually against these expenses.

  • Humber International Entrance Scholarships

For new international undergraduate students starting classes, Humber provides full and partial renewable tuition scholarships. There are two full-tuition scholarships and two $5,000 scholarships available. The scholarships will be added to the tuition fees of the good students. The ability of a student to achieve a 75 percent GPA in each year of his or her programme at Humber is needed for scholarship renewal.

  • Sauvé Scholars Programme

Each and every year, up to 14 exceptional young leaders are welcomed to spend the academic year in Montreal. They share a magnificent renovated mansion, have access to McGill University’s academic programmes and other opportunities – such as seminars, conferences, and activities – and profit from the social life and multi-faceted interactions with their fellow Scholars.

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships given by the Canadian Government

This scholarship was created to help Canada become a global leader in science and higher education by attracting and retaining top-tier doctoral students. Scholarships are available at participating Canadian universities for doctoral studies (or a combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD). For three years, the scholarship is worth $50,000 a year.

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) are merit-based grants available to students of any ethnicity who will be enrolled as full-time graduate students at the University of Manitoba (Masters or PhD). These fellowships are worth $18,000 (PhD) and $14,000 (Master’s) for a 12-month term. The UMGF is available for the first 2 years of a Master’s programme and the first 48 months of a PhD programme.

  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

The scholarships are available to foreign nationals (with a preference for applicants from developing countries) who are applying to or enrolled full-time in a doctoral programme in the social sciences and humanities at a Canadian university. It is worth up to $60,000 per scholar per year for a period of three years.

  • Fairleigh Dickinson scholarship for international students

Students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University are eligible for the Fairleigh Dickinson scholarship for foreign students. The Col. Fairleigh S Dickinson scholarship is worth $32,000 and is awarded for undergraduate studies. The FDU International Undergraduate Scholarship is worth up to $27,000 per year, and the Fairleigh Dickinson International Scholarship is worth between $1,000 and $10,000 per year. The majority of the scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and test scores, which differ by programme.

For this particular scholarship, here are some of the points that you can notice:

  • Interested applicants must fill out an FDU application in its entirety.
  • It can be renewed if students retain a decent GPA and remain enrolled full-time. 
  • Even if a nominee meets the minimum requirements, it does not guarantee that they will receive an award. 
  • Any of the standards are subject to limitations.

Transfer Money from India to Canada

In cases when you receive a partial amount of the scholarship, you may need financial assistance from your family. For that, you can ask your parents to transfer money from India to Canada which is fairly easy to do now a days. Rather than going directly with banks, you can go for an online forex and remittance platform which tend to have special tie-ups with banks. They can help you get preferential rates and you will end up saving a lot of money.

In case you need the money to pay up some part of your fees, you can mention the purpose (paying tuition fees abroad) to the customer executive person of the online remittance platform while clearing your queries and you may get an additional discount as well.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most important scholarships available to foreign students at Canadian colleges and universities. Such requirements must be met in order to qualify for these scholarships. Academic excellence and financial independence allow you to follow your dream of studying abroad. Obtaining a doctorate or master’s degree with a scholarship is a proud achievement for you and your family.

Zaraki Kenpachi