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Embarrassing moment for Apple: Why Face ID lock didn’t work during the launch of iPhone X?

It happens only once a year when Apple takes the stage to showcase its new iPhone offerings to the world and be the talk of the town in the following days after that. While like every year people are talking about the phone and its features, this is probably the first time when something like a ‘failed feature’ is in the news after the event.

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What actually happened during the event?

On 12 September, when the Apple executive – Craig Federighi took the stage to showcase the Face ID feature to unlock the newly launched iPhone X, the phone didn’t unlock in the first go and asked for a passcode to unlock. Clearly taken back from this, Craig picked up the backup iPhone X and unlocked it to demonstrate the Face ID feature of the all-new iPhone X. Since the incident, the internet has been bashing the omission of Touch ID and tagging the Face ID feature as a  “Big Fail.”

For our readers, who aren’t aware of this feature yet, the iPhone X from Apple comes with a feature, called Face ID, that scans your face for identification to unlock the phone. The price of iPhone X starts from 1000 USD, and the buyers would certainly not want to spend an amount this high for a phone with bugs. But is it even a bug?

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Apple’s Explanation to “Why the Face ID feature didn’t work?”

While the internet was making fun of the so-called failure of the Face ID, Apple cleared the air by stating that the ‘iPhone X did what it was supposed to do.’ According to the tech giant, people had been handling the iPhone X before the start of the event, and the phone kept trying to detect those faces. In the statement given to Yahoo, an official mentioned, “After failing a number of times, because they weren’t Craig, the iPhone did what it was designed to do, which was to require his passcode. Face-ID worked as it was intended to.” The explanation does make sense as once Craig picked up the backup phone, he was then able to unlock with the Face ID in no time. The clarification of the incident from Apple will come as a relief to the potential buyers who are interested in the phone.

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How will the overall performance of the iPhone X turn out? That’s to be seen later when we get our hands on the device for a complete review. Stay tuned to us for the further full review for the iPhone X.


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