If you have permitted your child to use a smartphone, then there is also a need to keep an eye on them. You have to secure your kids from all online and social media cyberbullying threats. You should check the usage of mobile phones and the application they are using on their android device. For this concern, you need a control application that helps you to save your kids from all dangerous websites on the internet and provides them a secure browsing atmosphere. 

Parental control application helps the parents securing their kids from all pornography and vulgar sites on the internet. Parents can check the social contacts of their kids and make them safe from cyberbullying threats. 

FamiSafe Parental Control App:

FamiSafe is the best parental control app by Wondershare developers. It is a full-featured application that protects your children from online threats and provides you their daily activity reports on the android and IOs devices. FamiSafe is the best android control application that helps to control the android devices of your kids. It reports you all installed and deleted apps on their phones.         


Using this parental control application, you can manage their screen time and block the most addictive apps on their devices. You should use this outstanding application to secure your kids from all online threats and provide them a safe environment on internet browsing. 

Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App:

FamiSafe parental control app provides you credible instant features that help you in keeping your kids secure and safe from all online and social threats.

Develop Good Internet Browsing Habits

Using the FamiSafe Parental control app, parents can develop good internet browsing habits in their kids. Parents can block all vulgar and pornography sites on the internet browser. It helps the parents add some useful and meaningful sites on their kid’s devices. This feature helps the parents in making the kids safe and secure internet browsing.

Daily Internet and App Usage Report 

FamiSafe parental control reports the parents the daily internet browsing of their kids. It also helps the parents get aware of all apps usage the kids use on their android devices. Parents can also check the deleted and installed apps on the kid’s devices. It sends an instant alert when kids add an app to their android device or delete an app. So, parents feel comfortable in regards to secure their kids from all harmful apps.  

Block Unwanted Web Content 

Internet is the fastest source to get all types of information just in one second. There are available harmful and useful sites on the internet. Parents need a control application to secure their kids from all pornography and vulgar sites on the internet. 

FamiSafe Parental control is the best application that keeps the kids from all these types of harmful sites. With this app, parents can block all unwanted sites on the internet browser. They can also add some decent and meaningful sites on the internet browsers.

Block Harmful Apps

FamiSafe Android Control app helps the parents to keep an eye on the app usage on android devices of the kids. This control app allows you to block harmful apps on the kid’s android devices. Parents can check the daily report of app usage. It will aware the parents if there is going something wrong with their kids. FamiSafe android control app allows the parents to install useful apps and block harmful app on kid’s devices.

Set Parental Alerts

FamiSafe parental control app allows the parents to set some alerts to get aware when the kids install or delete any application on their device. It also sends an alert to parents when the child tries to access a blocked application or blocked site on the internet. So, the parents get peace of mind in regards to their kid’s safety when they are using smartphones and the internet. 

Manage Screen Time

If your kids are becoming more addicted to the internet or android devices, you can control them by setting schedules. FamiSafe Parental control application with android parental controls features allows the parents to manage the screen time of their kid’s devices by setting a schedule for them. This feature will block all the apps when the time is over. The FamiSafe parental control app helps the parents to make their kids regular in their all-routine works.

Multiple-Device Support

FamiSafe provides multiple device support. You can manage 5 to 30 devices connected to your FamiSafe account according to your plan. All connected devices are supported by all features of FamiSafe. You can control and manage all these devices from your account. The monthly plan support 5, the annual plan 10, and the quarterly plan supports up to 30 devices.  

Secure and Trustworthy Application

FamiSafe is the best and secure parental control application that supports the parents to control their kids while using android and desktop devices. It secures your data from all threats and uses a cryptosystem to transmit data. It protects user’s privacy using the best machine learning models.

Easy to Use 

FamiSafe parental control app is a user-friendly application. It is very easy to use and allows the parents to get a report about all suspicious content on the kid’s devices. The parents can manage their kid’s devices easily and effectively.   




FamiSafe offers you a full-featured parental control application that is effective and easy to use. With this application, parents can detect all suspicious and harmful content on their kid’s devices. They can block the harmful sites on the internet browser; pornography sites. 

FamiSafe parental control app allows the parents to get alert about the installed and deleted app on the android devices of their children. Parents can manage the screen time of their kids and set a small schedule to use the internet. They will get daily reports of app usage and even deleted the history of internet browsers. FamiSafe parental control app uses the best machine learning model for user security. 

You must install this control app for the safety of your kids on the internet from all threats.

Henry Marc

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