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Android O Unveiled: Top Features, the List of Upgradable Devices and Rollout Dates

We barely got used to the taste of Nougat and there came Google with its new serving on offer, the Oreo.  This 21st August, the world witnessed the launch of the latest Android version- Android 8.0

In here, we will tell you about all the latest news that you are looking for the Android Oreo and which devices can expect the Android O update.

Android O Features

With the previews of Android Oreo a few months ago, Google had already cleared the air about how most of the settings will be like in the Android O release.  After a few developer previews, Google has now officially released the update of Android 8, with Android O named as Android Oreo just as it was being speculated. Like all Android versions in the past, the Oreo also aims at building a richer user experience and bringing new features to the Android software.
The top features of the Android O include faster booting of the devices running Android O. This will enable quicker booting times. Google also mentioned that the devices that will be eligible for Android O download would also see a rise in battery life as the OS will be power efficient.

Another major feature that everyone has been talking about is the Picture-in-Picture mode. This feature will let the user stream videos on a minimized window of the apps like YouTube while working on other apps. Currently, only a few apps like YouTube Go are optimised for this feature. Google has also made it easier for you to fill online forms by using auto fill features from the passwords and information stored in Chrome browser. Other features include notification dots and a few other tweaks in the settings menu.

Android O Release Date and the List of Upgradable Devices

Undeniably, the Android OS download is one of the most hyped topics on the internet, but sadly a majority of smartphone manufacturers are guilty of leaving their users stuck on old versions of Android. For those of you, who are curious whether their device will receive the latest android version download, we have compiled a list of the devices that are likely to receive the updates.

  • Android O Release Date for Pixel Devices*
    The Pixel devices, i.e., Pixel, Pixel C, and Pixel XL are already reportedly receiving the Android update over-the-air. The fact that, there are a large number of users of these devices, the update is being rolled out in different phases, so not all the users will get the Android OS update at the same time, and the receiving of Android O update for Pixel devices may vary for various users.
  • Android O for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P
    Like the other Google devices, the Android O for Nexus 5X has also started to roll out. Android O for Nexus 6P can also be received in the OTA updates which are also being sent to the devices in phases.
  • Android O for Zenfone
    Asus has confirmed that all the Zenfone 4 models will receive the Android O update. Surprisingly, Zenfone has also announced that the Zenfone 3 models will also receive the latest Android update. The time of the release hasn’t been confirmed by the company yet.
  • Android O for Galaxy S8, Coolpad Cool Play 6, Lenovo K8 Note and Others
    – The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus owners can rest assured that the device will receive the Oreo update in the coming months.
    – OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 will be receiving Android 8.0 updates, but the rollout date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Notably, OnePlus 3 and 3T will not receive further updates after the Oreo.
    – A couple of HTC devices, HTC U11 and HTC 10 are likely to receive the Android O update soon along with HTC Ultra.
    – Coolpad Cool Play 6 and Lenovo K8 Note’s update to Android 8 has also been confirmed by the respective companies with no defined timeline.
    – Moto G5 Plus, Moto Z series and a couple of other Moto devices are also expected to receive the updates.
    – The newly launched Micromax Canvas Infinity will also be receiving the Oreo update. The update might be released this December.

The Android 8.0 update will undoubtedly not be received by all the devices in the market, and if your device doesn’t make it to the list, then we believe that you should not be much bothered as this update hasn’t brought any significant changes to the OS.

For those of you still wondering if your device will be receiving the Oreo update, stay tuned to us for the further updates. We will be adding more devices to the list. Make sure to comment and let us know what you think about the Android O update.

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