New Behind-the-Scenes Video of Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Released

New Behind-the-Scenes Video of Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Released

Right now plans are underway to get large theme parks operators like Disneyland Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios Hollywood and more open as soon as possible, with local governments working on amending regulations that will allow theme parks to open sooner, as the effects of the

COVID-19 Pandemic subside and vaccine levels rise.

However, in the meantime, Disney has released a preview of the Snow White’s Enchanted Wish reimagined attraction, that will debut soon after  Disneyland Park gets the go-ahead to reopen. As you can see in the clip below, this attraction was one of the first that was worked on by Imagineers while they were at home, which created both new challenges and opportunities. Check it out:

Among the changes that have newly been revealed for this attraction is a new “cottage scene” which includes Snow White cheerfully dancing and twirling with the Seven Dwarfs in their cozy cottage while the scent of freshly-baked apple pie wafts in the air. Another big change is to the mine scene, which sparkles with shimmering lighting effects and glittering jewels all around and uses new animation and projection technology to bring the scene to life.

Though some will undoubtedly be disappointed that this is the official end for Snow White’s Scary Adventures in the United States (it was demolished at the Magic Kingdom prior to the New Fantasyland Project), it looks like a lot of effort went into this reimagining, and hopefully it delights fans of this classic film when it opens later this year!

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