Big Debate – After Nearly A Year, Have You Surrendered To The Mandatory Mask Wearing Rule At Walt Disney World?

Okay, perhaps this question is somewhat misleading? As we all know, mandatory mask wearing at Walt Disney World is expected to be in place through the end of 2021. You either surrender to it and wear one or you don’t and stay at home. But this debate aims to understand whether from when this measure was first introduced, you have changed your opinion, whether because of advice or personal experience or simply through your sheer desire to get a glimpse of some much needed Disney magic you have accepted the mask rule and have chosen to surrender to it to visit ‘the happiest place on earth’?

Not only do we know that mandatory mask wearing is expected to continue until the end of 2021, we have heard the news this week that Disney Quietly Tightens Mask Rules Again at Walt Disney World in preparation for expected increased capacity caps and higher crowds during Spring break.

It is important to point out that the change in ruling comes when guests are dining and now requires masks to be worn while guests are sitting, ordering, and waiting for food and masks can only be removed when actively eating or drinking. This replaces the previous rule where masks could be removed as soon as guests had been seated at their own table and could continue throughout the duration of their dining experience.

This has led me to ask the question, with mask rules tightening even further, have you given up the fight? Are you tired out and have given in to masks and accepted that if you want to go to Disney in 2021 you will have to suck it up and wear a mask? Or, are you adamant that you will not wear a mask and it will likely be 2022 at the earliest that you will return to Walt Disney World?

We know that mandatory mask wearing has been a very contentious issue since it was first introduced at Walt Disney World due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have run two previous debates on this subject and it is interesting to see the results side by side.

Back in May 2020 we asked you, Do You Think Mask Wearing Should Be MANDATORY At Theme Parks? The results were Yes 39% and No 61%. The majority of votes appeared to be towards the No argument.

Our second debate was in November 2020 and asked, Has Disney Chosen Right To Keep Mandatory Mask Wearing? To which the results were, Yes 52% and No 48%. The gap tightened and more people appeared to be in favor and accepting of mask wearing.

In our new debate for this week we ask After Nearly A Year, Have You Surrendered To The Mandatory Mask Wearing Rule At Walt Disney World?

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