11 Good News Stories: Human Triumph; Pig, Cat and Puppy Dog Tales

11 Good News Stories: Human Triumph; Pig, Cat and Puppy Dog Tales

ACROSS AMERICA — Lawrence Hamm has proudly been stirring the pot of what the great civil rights activist John Lewis called the “good trouble” for 50 years.

The Newark, New Jersey, man was 17 on March 24, 1971, when he led a student walkout and subsequent sit-in to support striking teachers. His presentation of 27 demands so impressed the school board that he was given a seat at the table with full voting rights, a decision that made him the youngest voting school board member in the United States.

“I’ve been an activist ever since,” Hamm told Patch. “It was the beginning of my life’s work.”

And in doing so, he has earned a reputation as one of the most tenacious progressive activists in the Garden State. » By Eric Kiefer for Newark, New Jersey, Patch

“Shark Tank” Could Sweeten Deal
By the time she landed a chance to pitch her invention to investors on the ABC reality show “Shark Tank,” Rebecca Romanucci already had secured the endorsement from people she cares a lot about: military veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder. Because of PTSD symptoms that may be triggered by a stranger at the door and a proliferation of porch pirates prowling for packages, delivery service isn’t always easy to come by. The Scottsdale, Arizona, nurse’s solution is DynoSafe, a climate-controlled, smart home-integrated lock box that secures packages for safe, unattended, contact-free delivery. » By Christopher Boan for Scottsdale, Arizona, Patch

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