Major Causes of Hemorrhoids

In this short paper piece, our focus will remain on hemorrhoids. General surgery also includes care of a problem that a lot of people like not to talk about, and that’s hemorrhoids. And this problem affects many different age groups. We see it in the elderly, and we see it in the young, healthy females as they’re having their children. The common hemorrhoids causes are pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period for these young women. Hemorrhoids, of course, are basically like dilated, or varicose veins in the rectum, and the common symptoms include prolapse, or protrusion of the hemorrhoid tissue, the veins and the tissue overlying them, outside of the anus.

This is bothersome to the patient, it can cause pain, it can cause itching, and it can cause bleeding, and frankly, it’s just difficult to take care of your bottom, down there as you go through the normal passage of bowel movements. So it’s a problem for a lot of people every single day, and a lot of people don’t know where to go to talk about that.

How to recognize hemorrhoids?

There are many other things in the area of hemorrhoids there can be causing symptoms for example the common symptom of hemorrhoid of internal hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding but other things can cause rectal bleeding as well such as polyps and cancers fissures and we need to make sure that we have the right diagnosis so a patient with symptoms coming from the anus needs what we call an anus Coupee which is an examination of the anus with a small metal scope at which time other causes of the bleeding can be excluded and a diagnosis of hemorrhoids can be made.

Major Causes of Hemorrhoids

  • The hemorrhoids causes disease are a lot of times pregnancy just because of the increased vascular load that pregnancy gives and with gravity and everything else of the changes of pregnancy. Hemorrhoids can become a problem and so that’s one of the many causes.
  • Otherwise, it’s a lot of straining the straining patterns that you use on the toilet. We have what we call a two-minute rule where anything longer than two minutes on the toilet you need to you know get up and try again later don’t just sit there with a lot of straining that’s the main cause of these hemorrhoids.
  • The other things would be spicy food also because it irritates the heinous you know that very well that sometimes when you eat spicy food you tend to go to the toilet a little bit more when you trying to go to the toilet more you traumatize the anal area and that causes bleeding some patients complain of two things one when they pass motion they feel a lump that comes out from the anus and subsequently it just reduces spontaneously another complaint that usually has is itchiness they feel that there is some itch and discomfort in the anus treatment for a minor pulse just lifestyle changes one this can also be the cause of hemorrhoid we know that if the person loves spicy food just go back there if a person doesn’t even bother to eat many fruits and vegetables and very constipated and every time they pass the motion it’s a big motion it’s traumatizing they have a stretch to eNOS so these should be gone on more high-fiber diet fruits picking vegetables.
  • At times, conveying abundance weight adds an additional pressing factor that contracts the veins and veins encompassing the rear-end and the colon. The individuals who have abundance weight around the stomach region are at a higher danger of creating hemorrhoids.

Concluding Remarks

In this blog post, I tried to throw light on some of the possible hemorrhoids causes. I am quite hopeful after reading this web content you will understand the complications of hemorrhoids in a much better way. If you still have any doubts you can leave your message in the comment section of our website.


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