James Fisher Jr Talks About The Future of Health and Wellness In 2021 with #Focuseddd

James Fisher Jr Talks About The Future of Health and Wellness In 2021 with #Focuseddd

Certified exercise Physiologist, personal trainer, and author based out of Dallas, TX aims to make a statement with his current and future projects. More can say entrepreneur, others say business expert, Fisher Jr, has been the CEO and founder for Mission Fit Fitness, which is his business that focuses on how to access fitness, nutrition and wellness education via at their place of employment or even home digitally. “I am doing a lot of rebranding; put a lot of different resources we can use. Fitness never went away, and consulting for me was very big for me in 2020. Putting together projects for people”. James Fisher Jr capitalizes on some of those projects that his business is getting involved with. “Really giving out to businesses , welcoming businesses back to the health world, saying that they can stay healthy while working, with seminars, in person, and digitally”.

Fisher Jr explained that the motivation came form seeing the industry change, just in a few months. It motivated him to stay consistent, finding new ways to get health and wellness out there, promote it, and find the right information to give to people during the tough times faced in the economy last year. “Even going down to the youth, a lot of kids couldn’t work out anymore, they were just at home”. James Fisher Jr explains that this was a major motivation in his life, being able to give back to the next generation. “At one point in time, you would never think they would close schools, government buildings, and businesses, till they did.” Fisher Jr added on to explain that despite these shortcomings faced by unfortunate circumstances, he wants himself, and others to be prepared for it. “Constant growth, constant work, and constant consistency”.

James Fisher Jr is the author of top selling books “Trial & Error 15 Ways to Maximize Your Fitness. James brings more than 8 years of experience in Mission Fit Fitness. From fortune 500 corporations to new company start-ups, He has successfully supported product and process development, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. James brings further expertise in qualifying business trends and deploying initiatives. For most of the 6 years decade, he has concentrated on developing innovative methods to ensure quality of health and fitness services within the health club marketplace, schools, small businesses, and investing in other entrepreneurs. That focus continues with Mission Fit Fitness and James Fisher Jr himself.

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