Facts you need to know about Saffron

Saffron- termed to be the world’s most expensive spice, with a unique taste and equally appealing color and aroma! Saffron is basically thin stigmas attached to the flower. These hand-plucked wires not only add delicacy and aesthetics to your food but is also extremely beneficial health-wise for the body. Australia produces a meager amount of Saffron and thus imports the rest for its consumption.

Advantages of Using Saffron

Enhances Physical Appearance

  • SKIN– Saffron removes the blemishes, marks, and other such scars from the skin making it clear and glowing from the surface.
  • EYES– Compounds found in saffron have proved to be highly beneficial for sight. It prevents the retina from losing focus and restores sight till an older age.
  • ANTI CANCER– Saffron provides a shield against cancerous cells and prevents the body from various cancers.
  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION– Saffron helps in the healing process and prevents inflammation and tenderness of the body. It also helps in building tissues and protecting against damage.

Benefits for Men

Regular use of saffron results in preventing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. ED is when a male is unable to maintain or attain an erection in the penis long enough for penetration and satisfying sexual intercourse to take place. Nearly 2/5 of Australian men suffer from this issue!

There are numerous causes of ED mostly including:

  • Cardiac problems: Fluctuations in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar level along with clogging and narrowing of blood vessels can disrupt the flow of blood required to maintain a healthy  erection
  • Muscular or other injury issues
  • Testosterone and sperm issues
  • Mental health issues

Treatment of Ed

Medical science has provided a solution to the issues in the form of:

  • Oral Pills- The foremost solution is through PDE-5 medications in the form of oral pills. These are available on prescription globally along with Australia. These boost the natural process and help the blood to flow in pressure in the penis later blocking the vessels to retain erection till a satisfying intercourse takes place. Some widely used versions include:
    • Viagra Pink
    • Viagra Cenforce
    • Tadarise 40mg
    • Levitra
    • Kamagra Effervescent
    • Kamagra only jelly
    • Priligy
    • Avanafil

In Australia, they can also be bought online from Oz Meds Online. An authorized web page selling authentic medications only!

  • Secondary treatments include the use of physical devices, implants and surgeries

Natural Treatment of ED Through Saffron

Saffron has been used to treat male sexual issues since ancient times. It consider a natural medication that helps to cure and prevent such issues.

Saffron has natural compounds which help better blood circulation. For a healthy erection, this is the foremost requirement, as erection occurs when an ample amount of blood flows through the delicate vessels of the penis. Therefore a boost in circulation tends to aid in preventing ED.

Saffron also consider being an aid in curing impotency in men. Impotence is the name given to a wider range of sexual issues. The term impotence can be used for numerous sexual issues like low desire, erection problems, ejaculation issues, infertility, and lack of satisfaction. As per a survey, almost 55% of men in Australia suffer from some form of sexual issue.

Use with Care

Although it has numerous benefits yet saffron is to use with care, as at times it can create havoc inside the body and can be detrimental for the consumers’ health. The issues include:

  • The outburst of allergy problems
  • Too much consumption can lead to the creation of poison in the body and can be fatal for the consumer

So brew up the aromatic ingredient and enjoy the benefits but with care!

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